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Crazy Ways Apple Fans Demonstrate Unrivaled Fanboyism

Apple fans remain some of the most passionate and dedicated fans of any around. And when you have that level of dedication, who knows what may result. Some are more dedicated than others, but nothing gets in the way of an Apple fanboy.

Two Apple Fans Accused of Stealing Displays, Create Innovative Halloween Costumes

Nothing says Trick or Treat like two full-grown men in Apple costumes. But wait- those aren’t any ordinary costumes! Those are the jumbo-sized Apple products- with a working display! A lot of controversy surrounding the costumes surfaced, with claims that they were stolen props from an Apple store.


The creators of the outfits claim they were indeed hand-made, and not stolen. The total weight: 60 pounds. The YouTube video shows them cleverly dancing around, enjoying a nice bout of Benny Benassi music to boot.

Fanboy Sacrifices Skin for Apple


Fanboy? We meant Fanboys! Marc Soto reveals why geeks grow ponytails (to hide their fanboy cult affiliation apparently) but AppleTattoos.com is filled with images of Apple symbols tattooed in all sorts of places… including someone’s left butt cheek. We spared you the picture. It’s not a pretty sight.

What better way to declare your love for something than to have its image permanently impressed onto your skin – while hoping your favorite company doesn’t change its logo?

How to Successfully Pimp an Apple Fan’s Car

How many times have you seen television shows such as “Pimp My Ride,” and thought, “I wish Apple fans had their own solutions to tricking out cars!” Well, have no fear Apple fans- it seems someone has come up with a solution.


After all, how much can a few stickers cost? Rest assured, you’ll get a few looks of awe while driving down the highway. Nothing says “I’m in love with Apple” more than completely littering your car with Apple stickers.

And this is just the beginning. What we really need is something edgier- something that even the birds can marvel at.


We couldn’t think of any better way to catch the envy of planes, birds, and construction workers. Now the paint may cost more than a hundred or so Apple stickers, but you can’t deny the fact that this vehicle would make any Apple fan tremble. The only thing missing: an external sound system so that everyone knows what Apple fanboy-ism really is.

Apple: Your Next Haircut

If you’re like most Apple fans, you’d love to show your dedication- all the time. This even includes showing how dedicated you are to complete strangers. But don’t just give your apparel the attention: perhaps it is time to instead follow the new Apple haircut craze.


Can you just imagine reaching out to anyone- and everyone- who happens to be behind you? That’s the kind of Apple dedication that goes in the history books. If hairstyle trends do indeed start to become modeled after companies such as Apple, we are pleased to know that these styles follow more than one pattern, as shown below.


This type of hair-do will be perfect for those who still enjoy somewhat-normal haircuts. The level of surprise is also raised a few bars: as this young gentleman is most likely perfectly normal from a front-end perspective.

Whether it is the outline, or a full Apple shave, it’s good to know trends still have a bit of originality. We like the idea of Apple haircuts- perhaps they will even become popular enough for Microsoft fans to enjoy!

Apple Lifestyles on the Open Road

We know how travelers feel- they want to see as much as the world as possible, as quick as possible. We can’t blame them; the world is full of many beautiful attractions and scenery. But if we don’t have any Apple stickers for our cars, we can always resort to something just as good.


And the state is New Jersey, of course. Jokes aside, what better way to show the entire travelling community your love for Apple, than to brand a license plate? It might even turn a few Windows or Linux users over. Think about it: how many Windows or Linux license plates do you see? If it’s anything like our count, it is not many.

eMail – The Fanboy Way

So what do you do when your Apple doesn’t bite any more and it’s time to move up a model? Sticking it on a pole might not be the most respectful thing to do but it’s better than leaving it to gather dust at the back of the garage. And hey, at least this Mac user’s old machine still delivers mail.




Pushing the iPhone’s G-Spot


Described as “a great gift idea for every geek’s (or apple fan) girlfriend or wife” these thongs were available on eBay in black and white for $10 before the iPhone launched. They might well be the best way for a geek girlfriend to drag her feller away from his Mac for a couple of minutes, but did they stop selling because… well, just how big a market is there for products for fanboy girlfriends?

How They Used to Use Them


And finally, although this isn’t strictly a fanboy shot it does show that Apple was already thinking of novel uses for their products long before the iPod was a twinkle in Steve Jobs’ eye. You probably shouldn’t try this with a Nano though.

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  1. Crash Says:

    Wow, I am continually amazed at the stupidity of people. Macs are the worst computers ever made, they crash all the time and they look like something Willy Wonka would use. What a bunch of morons. It is my guess that when you dumbasses who get tattoos become older people you will look back and ask yourself "what in the Hell was I thinking when I got this stupid company's logo tattooed on my ass". How do you like them apples?

  2. Jason Adam Says:

    "Macs are the worst computers ever made, they crash all the time"


  3. fanboyFTW Says:

    There's only one thing worse than fanboys. Anti-fanboys, AKA Fanboi fanboys


  4. Andrew Says:

    I guarantee that the Mini Cooper iPod mod did not use a drop of paint. Mini Coopers have a huge sunroof. This is a sticker covering most of it with the clickwheel interface and leaving open the front part of the sunroof for the display. Total cost? Probably less than $50.

  5. alex Says:

    Crash?, your a fucking idiot. Macs are the best computers ever made. The current macs are at least 5 years ahead of anything out there. On my little weak macbook i can run osx, vista, xp, and ubuntu linux at the same time......now thats impressive. I agree that fanboys are retards....but lets stick to insulting them rather than flaunting your ignorance.

  6. Josh Says:

    I am confused. Did Crash mean to write that pc's crash all the time? My macs rarely crash unlike my pc's I would have to restore bi-monthly. My powerbook has lasted me three years while my in-laws have gone through about a dozen pc laptops in the same amount of time. Clearly Crash hasn't ever used a mac.

  7. Atomike Says:

    I agree with the top poster - Macs are the worst computers ever made. I like machines that are useful, not just pretty. People who say Windows crashes more than OS X have simply never ever used Windows XP or Vista. It doesn't happen very often unless you are using buggy software - which can happen since there is 1000x more software for PC than for Mac.
    Seriously, how can you trust a company that uses outright lies in its TV commercials? Think, people!!

  8. Moe da man Says:

    "wow," that's all I have to say.

    I bet they all bought an iPhone.

  9. Penguin Pete Says:

    Meh. I look at it this way: If Apple inspires this kind of loony love for its product, it must be doing something right. Same as with Linux, BSD, and all. Where's the Microsoft fanboys? Where's the Windows tattoos? If people find themselves snarling at the whole world in contempt because it's filled with fanboys, maybe it's because they're using something that sucks.

  10. Ty Says:

    I think he meant PC's.

  11. juanvaldez Says:

    haha, tools.

    anybody who blindly follows a particular brand is a douchebag.

    Unplug yourself and get a life, I don't give a fuck if your phone has a touchescreen and shitty battery.

    Kill all fanboys; nintendo, sony, apple, or whatever. So gay.

  12. Jamie Says:

    I use both PC and Mac. Side by side. Two computers. One desk. The Mac beats the PC over and over in terms of reliability and UI.

  13. Alex is a moron Says:

    "alex Says:

    Crash?, your a fucking idiot. Macs are the best computers ever made. The current macs are at least 5 years ahead of anything out there. On my little weak macbook i can run osx, vista, xp, and ubuntu linux at the same time......now thats impressive. I agree that fanboys are retards....but lets stick to insulting them rather than flaunting your ignorance."

    "Macs are the best computers ever made" ruined your entire argument. The idea is to start out with something smart, then prove it. Not something retarded.

    Five years ahead? What, can you see in the future? I don't think your 2Ghz dual core is five years ahead of anything.

    Congratulations you can run a bunch of operating systems. That's really impressive. Wait, you run them all at once? Do you alternate between the two while doing your every day computing? Very cool! You're my new hero.

    Alex, you're a retard. Thank you.

  14. IT-Man Says:

    "My macs rarely crash unlike my pc's I would have to restore bi-monthly."

    Wow, if you have to restore your pc's bi-monthly, you must really suck at life. I probably do it once every year or two and it really isn't necessary.

    My favorite thing is hearing diehard fans talk about Apples being so incredibly stable when I am sitting there in my university's computer lab while a stupid spinning pinwheel is on my screen as my machine hangs. And of course, I have to ask for the equivalent of ctrl-alt-del, which no one knows.

    The facts though: competition is good for the consumer, so I'm glad Apple is around for that. Apple is generally worse for bang-for-buck performance. Apple does indeed innovate from time to time. Apple is getting better from year to year. Microsoft is seriously flawed. Bottom line - both camps have strengths and weaknesses.

  15. tha-truf Says:


    I've been a windows user for 10 years
    an OS X user for 4 years
    a linux user for 1.5 years

    They ALL SUCK.

    OS X sucks least but also lacks the most (gaming & other software)

    I keep a log of the time I spent the last 2 years performing maintenance on mine and my family's windows machines.
    If i charged $5 an hour, over the last year that adds up to $2,880. Wow! NO WONDER I REFUSE TO PAY A DIME FOR A LEGAL COPY OF WINDOWS XP. and that's only counting the last 2 years.

    It's pointless to track how much time I waste trying to reconfigure Ubuntu to be more user friendly and work with all my hardware, but it boots in 1/8 the time of windows, has all the basics, and I haven't been able to crash the entire OS. Gnome is pathetic and useless to even a semi-power user but KDE is just ugly. But linux does have an easily scriptable shell (I can use php with it which makes it even easier for me) and it has cronjobs, better than windows scheduler. And apple has apple script which allows access to powerful gui app features via command line or script in an easy to program way.

    If apple allowed people to put it on custom built hardware (aint gonna happen) I would have no reason to keep windows on my design machine.
    If game developers made unix versions of their games to run on linux & OS X i'd have ZERO reason to keep windows around. If openGL would pick up the pace in giving developers what they need this could become a possibility maybe (unlikely)

  16. Jamie Says:

    IT-Man. The ctrl-alt-del, mac equivalent is cmd-alt-esc. There. Now you don't have to ask anymore. Wasn't hard was it?

  17. Jim Says:

    Old mac's are not nearly as stable as the new ones, and even the new ones go through some refinement until they are solid.
    I'd like to point out my powerbook has never crashed and I've had it for over a year now.

    But anyways, MACS are so freaking retarded, they crash ALL THE TIME, and they have NO SOFTWARE AT ALL... sometimes they are stuck so full of malware and viruses that they cant even connect to the INTERNET!! No wonder IT guys hate them. I have to watch that stupid hourgl-- er... beach ball spin around... yeah... DAMN, if only there was a way to QUIT something easily and quickly, maybe just right click on the icon or something if it not responding...??? I think I'll just stick to what I'm used to, its safe here in this little bubble of mine.

  18. Bill Gates Says:

    Apple HARDWARE runs XP and VIsta as fast in most cases and FASTER (laptops) in other cases.

    Just ask PC World

    Those that complain about Macs are just the poor and unfortunate. They cannot afford the "Lexus" of computing so out of frustration they glorify their eMachines and Net Zero accounts in frustration at their lack of funds.

  19. sdlvx Says:

    "Crash?, your a fucking idiot. Macs are the best computers ever made. The current macs are at least 5 years ahead of anything out there. On my little weak macbook i can run osx, vista, xp, and ubuntu linux at the same time......now thats impressive. I agree that fanboys are retards....but lets stick to insulting them rather than flaunting your ignorance."

    Firstoff, you seem to think that MAC makes their own hardware. Apple does not, at all. AFAIK, most of it is outsourced to Asus. Your weak macbook has an intel CPU, intel chipset, and probably a 950 intel integrated graphics chip. As far as computers go, it definitely isn't "5 years ahead" of anything out there, because it IS what's out there.

    Second, AMD has a new CPU instruction set that is specialized for virtualization. AMDs are better at running VMWare or whatever free open source software Apple stole and rebranded and put in OS X. You can not get an Apple with an AMD processor, so you will NEVER get this instruction set, and you'll see a speed hit.

    Third, OSX is based off Unix, which has been around for a VERY long time. To top it off, you can get more secure distributions of BSD/Unix for FREE. You're essentially paying for software that is free, but just dressed up with pretty graphics.

    Fourth, Apple products only work because they take away your hardware freedom, and they limit third parties, etc. It's the same thing as locking someone up in a bubble and saying, "Hey, now, you'll never get sick. You'll have to eat what we give you, do what we say, and you'll never get your bubble upgraded." OSX isn't better, or more secure, or more stable. It's only more stable because the OS is only meant to run with a handful of applications with a handful of different pieces of hardware.

    You need to grow up and learn the difference between a well coded OS, and security through abstraction and removing freedom of software and hardware.

    Maybe next time, you should read the internet a little better before making blithe comments about ignorance.


  20. Bill Gates Says:

    AMD is falling by the wayside epsecially with quad core and 45nm production. (peryn) Intel already leaped far ahead from them and AMD is now playing catchup. Virtualization is only as good as the speed the processor can run at. AMD has fallen behind on the speed and it will take them some time to recoup. So the true "speed hit" is actually using an AMD chip versus an INTEL one for now.... because of the vast speed difference even though AMD TRIES to make up for it by special instructions.

    There are many forms of UNIX/LINUX out there but the average joe doesn't like spending days trying to hunt down drivers, figuring out how to install a "distribution" etc. Most people are to busy with other real life priorites than to sit and "tweak" a computer all day. Hence the value in convenience at "purchasing" what some think is just eye candy. Actually it is a very well thought out and easy to use GUI on top of UNIX.

    Because Apple keeps things proprietary this cuts down on the "moronic" devices out there that plague the PC world. Cheap crap that ends up causing problems. Apple's engineering designs may use Of the shelf parts but they way they are designed to work together is years ahead of other "box builders".

    Take for example "That weak Macbook" you kindly point out.

    Weak as meaning it was the FASTEST LAPTOP to run VISTA that PCWORLD tested last month? Yeah that was a MAC that took first place. Sorry but that is the truth.

    You need to grow up and learn the difference between up to date information and facts based on news from ages ago.

    BTW AMD is still losing tons of money

    APPLE of course is the star child of the Stock Market.

    Go figure. Hmmm

  21. Jake Says:

    As far as Im concerned I enjoy my mac for designing, most professional programs can be run on Mac, wuy you would need any thing more I dont know. Maybe you enjoy wasting time playing games.

    And who ever said macs look like something willy wonka would use idno if you mean that there amazing looking or you were trying to make fun of them but apple's image is by far genius.

    The look of there ad's and products make windows look straight up ugly, and I have yet to see a computer, a phone, or an mp3 player that looks as good as any apple product. Although the new zune commercials are very good.

  22. Tom Says:

    Apple or greybox...

    I think I'll choose orange.

  23. BGumble Says:

    The problem with apple is not their computers or other products -- they're all of fine quality and feature-rich. The problem is not the cultish following they mysteriously inspire. The problem is the company itself.

    Apple does not know the first thing about freedom. They're a bunch of NAZIs. Example: Buy an iPhone and mod it to use with YOUR wireless provider. Apple's response: brick it with a new firmware update.

    Another example: Run bootcamp to allow XP to run on your intel-based mac. Apple's reponse: disable this ability with the latest OS update.

    Another example: Buy an iPod and be forced to do things the apple way -- through iTunes. What if you don't like iTunes? Screw you, that's the way Apple wants it done.

    Yet Another example: Apple now uses intel-based hardware -- the ultimate step in making Macs hardware-identical to PCs (see previous steps: SCSI to IDE, PCI and now PCIe graphics, etc.) In the PC world, I can go to newegg and buy all of the components and build my own system. I can install Windows or Linux on it, and all is good. Can you say the same for Mac OS? Hardly. Although you could build a hardware-compatible system, you must go through hacks and hoops to get a semi-functional Mac OS system up and running.

    All of these examples illustrate the underlying fact that APPLE LIMITS USERS' FREEDOM OF CHOICE. This works and is fine for some people, but not for all. So, the next time some smug Apple fanboi starts evangelizing the greatness of his decora' computer, you can direct his attention to the fact that he is beholden to a tech dictatorship.

  24. Fidel Castro!! Says:

    Haha!! Yesss! The Apple fanboy-haters are Fanboy fanboy's!!! Awesome.

  25. Bill Gates Says:

    (1) Apple didn't "Brick" iPhones. They plugged a security hole that was being EXPLOITED by shoddy code. The Coders even admit it was their fault. Apple still allows you to downgrade your firmware to "unbrick" your phone. I find it funny when people get mad and stomp their feet crying "Consumer Freedoms" when the company was doing A SECURITY FIX TO PROTECT PEOPLE FROM HACKERS AND HIJACKERS. That is about as smart as getting mad that there are police out there protecting you. I know you want to speed but it is limiting you when you get pulled over. Why shouldn't everyone be allowed to drive drunk? How else are we to get are cars home from the bar! Grrrrrrr

    (2) Bootcamp is built into Leopard. They didn't take it away. It was a "beta" for a feature of an upcoming software title. (Leopard) If you own Leopard you have bootcamp. Also before downloading the BETA Apple told you it would expire and it was KNOWN and reported that it would be a LEOPARD ONLY FEATURE.

    (3) iTunes is the software interface for a piece of hardware. Many products are made available just like this. You need to use their software in order to operate the hardware. You know like the word DRIVERS? Try using a piece of hardware without a DRIVER and see how well it works. That is very common. Now Apple offers iTunes SOFTWARE for both OSX and WINDOWS operating systems giving you freedom of choice. How about a new Windows Media player that has the DRM functions built in for Mac Users? Sorry, only available for WINDOWS OS ONLY.

    (4) Apple Hardware is not exactly identical to PC's. For one they use ERM instead of BIOS. The future PC's will adopt something like ERM and move away from BIOS technology which has shown its age for a long time. Apple is a HARDWARE MANUFACTURER.
    With your logic why can I not Build a Ford mustang without getting Ford parts? Or build a TV, or a Refrigerator?

    Now you can build your own custom system and you can run Windows and Linux on it sure. But you cannot run OSX SOFTWARE on it unless you really hack at it.

    You buy a MAC HARDWARE and you can run all three (Windows, Linux, OSX) This is called a SELLING FEATURE. Since they make the HARDWARE and OSX it is smart business sense to make a product with a SELLING FEATURE.

    Ask yourself this. Why is the iPod so dominant in the MP3 player market? Why is the iPhone the most sought after telephone?
    WHY? When there are other EQUAL CHOICES out there right?

    You buy it because you like it and it functions the way you want it to. If you didn't then why not buy a Sans Disk or Zune? Why not buy a blackberry instead of an iPhone? People buy these products because of the SELLING FEATURES.

    Simple. The other products suck in comparison to the average user. It is NOT about "Freedom of CHoice". It is about who is selling a product you want to pay for. Who is offering that "Selling Feature" you desire.

    Being beholden to a tech dictatorship?

    Sorry but I like running OSX. I like running a SECURE operating system that isn't plugged full of bloated code and fragile to viruses and malware. I like SPEED and having my software and hardware work without a glitch. I like piece of mind and truthfully some garage box builder throwing together off the shelf parts and slapping in a known security nightmare OS just doesn't give me the warm and fuzzies.

    Go to New Egg and build a computer with ALL the features that come with a MAC. Go buy ALL the software that comes with the mac, and then have it run OSX.

    Oh wait. You can't. So I should settle for sub-par? What freedom is in that choice? Settle for less becuase I can save $30 building it myself?

    And how many corporate customers would rather trust some person building a computer in their garage out of random parts versus a company sending them prebuilt machines? Uh, yeah.

    Ever notice the number one statement made after a computer fails is "I had a friend put this together for me..."

    The number two reason was "It was running XP..."

    When one looks at me and they say I suffer a Tech Dictatorship I would kindly like to point at Microsoft who has led the way in customer abuse, vaporware, malicious marketing practices, lock down/lock in contracts, monopolization, bribary for ISO compliances, and many other down right ugly business practices and ask this one question.

    Who is actually limited/ Sure you can build the machine you want. But your are faithfully tied to running Miscrosoft products for a majority. You can load Open Source software but you are still limited. ONLY MAC USERS HAVE THE FREEDOM TO RUN ALL OSES

    Asking me to limit myself to just TWO options instead of THREE?

    Contradict much?

  26. *nix sysadmin Says:

    Each system/OS has its benefits, its pros and its cons. To claim that one is better than the other is precisely what a fanboy is. I admit to laughing at those arguing for either (any) side over another, because fanboyism is just the pudding you're all tossing around. Just remember where to find the proof.


  27. Nicolas Ivy Says:

    In all honesty, I am an Apple fanboy. If we're defining fanboy as someone who has an earnest belief in the excellence of a company's product, and is willing to extoll the virtues of that product, then I will gladly wear the label. People never seem to get their facts straight, and I think if we're going to argue about computers, we should at least be intelligent about what we write and how we present ourselves. My points, in response to various complaints above.

    1) For those complaining about price point, step back a moment. Not only do Apple's computers include features not present in their PC counterparts, but they are almost always equivalent in price. A 2.16ghz Macbook with one gigabyte of RAM is roughly equivalent to similar offerings from Dell, while the Macbook Pro is priced similarly to higher-end Sony laptops. Stepping away from raw power, consumers must then consider things like: external aesthetics, resale value, included software, security, user interface, unique OS features, software availability, and a company's customer service. Apple's computers all score very well in these areas, frequently surpassing the competition, a fact that can be measured in market share, growth, company profits, and stock prices.

    Macs are beautiful, inside and out. OS X has a renowned user interface that functions intuitively, allowing for a better workflow and an overall computing experience. Leopard, shipping on all new Macs, really demonstrates how Apple interface is meant to operate. Features like Spaces and Time Machine have no PC equivalent, but they are beautifully functioning applications that integrate seamlessly into the OS; by keeping this simple and intuitive, Apple can bring power-user features, like workspaces and automatic backup and restore to the masses. OS X's dock is the simplest, most intuitive, and most customizable application launcher included in a commercial OS. A redesigned Finder with Quickplay means you can flip through your files, pick one, and simply hit spacebar to get a complete and highly-functional preview of the file without ever opening a resource hogging application. Fast access to Expose means you never lose application windows, even within multiple Spaces; Flip3d doesn't even compare. Dashboard was the first mainstream application to gain notoriety, taking the concept of widgets from Konfabulator to fabulous just like that. Spotlight searching, faster and smarter in Leopard, was implemented years before Vista came out, and now offers consistently better performance. Drag-and-drop installation of programs is the most intuitive method I've personally found yet. Finally, a unified interface increases the system's integration of third party applications, as well as making windows easier to distinguish. Man, I don't even want to talk about all the eye candy you get, as most Windows fanboys don't seem to understand that users like things pretty and colorful; blue collar janitors and white collar executives may come to work clothed, and perform equal labor, but guess who looks more professional? Overall, the functionality of OS X's UI is far superior to that of either linux or Windows distributions, and is surely what that guy was referring to when he referred to Macs as "[future proof]".

    2) Yes, OS X CAN run all known x86 operating systems. Under Leopard this is a standard feature; the assumption that Apple is cheating its customers by disabling the Tiger beta of Boot Camp is utterly ridiculous, as they've been up front regarding this since the software's initial release. But what does that mean? It means that Apple can run Windows full-speed, on a separate partition, natively. Gaming? It's done. Office 2007? Not a problem. Vista? I mean, you could if you really wanted to.. Oh, and to those nay-sayers demanding that more games be compatible with Apple: get a grip. Most Apple consumers have better, more important things to do with their time, like actually benefiting society in some way, or creating something, or generally enjoying less silly entertainment. Of course, you could always blame Microsoft, since it was through their monopoly and insistence that game developers use the proprietary DirectX format that games without OpenGL are incompatible with OS X today.

    3) Many people complain, "Oh, OS X, no viruses huh? Maybe if more than like 2 people used it, then there would be more viruses." Wrong. OS X's security is derived from solid UNIX 2.0 certified underpinnings, aka Darwin. The same security that is so treasured in linux is the very foundation OS X stands upon. Better permissions systems and sandboxing system applications are just a couple ways that Apple keeps our data secure. I could talk about how security prompts and notifications are handled by OS X better than its competition, but it's not nice to pick on others. "But... but..," they stutter, grasping for a response. "Unix is open source, I can get that same protection for free!" Of course you can, good sir, I mean, even Darwin is open source. You seem to be missing the point though: implementation of UNIX in an environment that supports pro apps and such an intuitive GUI is what sets Apple apart. "Screw you, d00d, I've got Compiz and Gnome, I can do everything you can." I'm not gonna get into this argument, but have a good weekend customizing port forwarding, getting your wireless to work, installing commercial codecs, dealing with dependency hell, and keeping your software bleeding-edge up to date. I think I may go out, take a walk in the park, and then spend the time I saved to make a YouTube video using the built in iSight webcam. (Click my name for my videos, including one explaining, from a humorous vantage point, why Macs rock.)

    4) Yep, I know you. I am you, sort of. You want to hack your hardware, Build Your Own, DIY, whatever. Save money, custom specs, good deal. Until you realize that you're your own system troubleshooter. Or your shoddy cabling and poor heat management ruin the hardware. Or until you can't find Vista drivers that work well enough to support your bleeding-edge hardware. It's true, Apple does not directly build their own hardware. They contract the work out to Asus in China, who make it to Apple's specifications; in this case, just like with a home, a builder contracts work out to a contractor responsible for the labor. But the contractor doesn't own the house. He did his job and now he's done, and the builder owns it. Apple is a hardware manufacturer because it is a builder. It forces people to use its hardware for lots of reasons. Equivalent price and better looks are a big consideration. Proprietary configurations mean that tech support is a breeze. Shoddy hardware is all taken care of by Apple and not individual companies. And all the software and hardware are guaranteed to play together nicely, sparing the user from hardware failure bugs that are the most common cause of BSODs on Windows systems.

    Additionally, if you have the guts to build a PC, you have the guts to hack OS X to run on it. The dedicated work of others makes it incredibly simple, and it will take less time to restore perfect functionality to this "hackintosh" than it did to build it. A friend of mine used Tiger on his PC for six months before he made the plunge to Mac, to make sure it was what he really wanted. Surprise! It was.

    5) Apple's products work best with Apple's products, and developers are aware of this. Some of the best applications for manipulating Apple peripherals are Mac only, and the widespread acceptance and admiration iTunes has invoked on the PC is a clear indicator that Apple's UI is more impressive than standard competitor offerings. Besides, if you love the innovation of the iPod line, or of the iPhone, then you'll love the innovation that comes standard on every Mac.

    6) Macs come with more than "future proof" interface implements. They also come with amazing, intuitive software for making cool stuff. With iLife '08, you can mix music, make a movie, create your own website or blog, author a DVD, or manage your photos and sync them to an online web gallery. Tight integration of the iLife suite, included with every new Mac, ensures that grabbing pictures from your iPhoto gallery for a photo montage in iMovie, then sending this movie to iWeb for posting on your blog, isn't just a pipe dream: it's a reality.

    7) Developers: can't live with them, can't live without them. We get mad when their code is buggy, bloated, or doesn't work the way we want, but our livelihood and what we can do with our computers depends on them. And while the stigma is that OS X has almost no software, and even fewer developers, this couldn't be farther from the truth. Apple's great suite of included development tools and its easy-to-implement API Cocoa mean that more people than ever are developing for Macs. Beautiful interfaces come bundled with Cocoa, and Apple's strict demand of adherence to its Human Interface Guidelines means that more developers make intuitive, powerful third-party apps that you already know how to use. In fact, almost all pro applications are ported to the Macintosh natively, included all the Adobe products, Maya, and even a few that are OS X only. Final Cut Pro, a product of the Final Cut Studio 2 suite, is the industry standard when it comes to video editing, and this great Apple product is only available on OS X. The same goes for Soundtrack Pro, Motion 3, Logic, Color, and LiveType, not to mention scores of non-Apple products. Many of them are revolutionary, and it is these applications that most effectively use the power of Cocoa. Still can't find an app to replace your Windows equivalent? Fine. With Boot Camp, included with Leopard, you can run your Windows OS and applications natively, at full speed. Power to the people.

    7) "My files don't work with Mac." "I can't run my Windows software on a Mac." "I can't open Office 2007 documents on a Mac." "Mac's cost like, three times as much as PCs." "I would have to relearn how to use a computer." "What do you mean there's two buttons on that mouse? I see a trackpad and one big button." "Why the hell won't control-alt-delete work? What's the equivalent? Man, Macs are dumb." "um.. deos ne1 no how to get finalcut pro to run on my vista? it home premium i think." "I don't care about Boot Camp, since I can't fit a GeForce 8800GTX into my iMac. Thus, Macs are dumb." "Macs are just pretty. They're toys for your grandma and your kid sister." "Macs are only secure because they're obscure." "Safari is stupid. See, I got the Windows beta, but look, no Firefox-like addons browser! I mean, yeah, it's fast and looks great, but how can I add more bloat to my browser's already sufficient featureset? This = lame." "Macs aren't as handicap-accessible as Windows." "I can't buy a Mac because I don't wanna be a fanboy."

    How often do we hear similar arguments on the net? There is always some uniformed individual spouting off what they consider "truth", and the fact that it's almost all utter crap helps keep Macs in obscurity. Luckily, all of the above are either false, or justify themselves using flawed logic. And the sheer number of people migrating to OS X are enough to see through all of this. If it didn't work, and wasn't good, then people wouldn't use it and praise it and freak out about pipe dream rumors on the endless Apple fansites. The company's share price has never been higher, and with a market capitalization that recently surpassed that of IBM, Apple is on the fast track to becoming the de facto tech provider for users around the world. Are they saints? No, they're a company, and they're out to make money. But to many, they are more than a company, because of the quality of their products and their dedication to innovation. Vista is proof that Microsoft is going downhill, and with the disappointment it caused so many, rival Apple has already felt the surge of migrating users. The only reason anyone uses Microsoft is because of its propriety systems that have become industry standards in the last decade; now that DRM is starting to undergo closer scrutiny, and technology is changing, Apple offers the open formats people are using to store and share their data, undermining the security net Microsoft depends on. With constantly updated hardware to keep power-users happy (and buying), as well as an eye on design and usability, its no wonder so many innocent Apple users become raging fanboys on the internet. We have to take the ridicule of the ignorant and the misinformed day in and day out, even though if you have something to say, they simply won't hear it. Hatred and lies are the masks Windows users hide behind, masks that hide their true feeling: a sense of fear. People don't like change, and they don't want to relearn anything. I guarantee that there is some moron out there using the original DOS, because that was all he was ever taught, and why should he be forced to conform anyway? It is interesting that Mac swtichers are so frequently accused of conforming, especially since the platform only has about a 6% market share; after all, following the masses is the real conforming, whereas joining the few and the proud, the radicals, can only be termed "Think[ing] Different".

    Microsoft isn't the devil, but then again, I don't have religion. My views are my own, and they come from using what I feel is the world's best operating system for over nineteen months without one issue (or system crash, for that matter). Normally I'm not so outspoken or forthcoming, but these comments threw me over the edge. If you're still reading this, I hope you've realized something; if you have, you're either wearing a self-satisfied grin or preparing to fill out your chequebooks. If you're not doing one of these two things, I think maybe you should be.


  28. Nic = the man Says:

    Sir, thank you. Someone finally said what I have been trying to say for so long. This will be saved for future reference.

  29. josef Says:


    You guys are fighting about different things, mac vs windows, there is not winner, as they both are good sturdy operating systems, except for vista (my opinion) because even microsoft is giving up on it. macs vs pcs however, macs win in almost every department, they can boot mac os x vista xp ubuntu etc. all on one, and though windows can do that, linux is very hard to install on a pc, and it is illegal to install mac on a pc. I prefer xp for gaming, but mac for pretty much everything else 😛 (i love the small kernel code on mac os x 10.4.9) 🙂 just my two cents


  30. Matari Says:

    1. Mac almost NEVER crash
    2. The mac alternative to Ctrl-alt-delete - who needs it?
    3. Fanboys - mmm - as a girl, where does that leave me?

    Macs rock.

  31. Nathan Says:

    It's obvious that some of the people commenting (usually PC supporters) have really never used anything other than a PC, and simply enjoy bashing Mac users. Whatever.

    I bought a Windows laptop a year ago (brand new) and sold it 6 months later to my daughter. It rarely worked, and even the store I bought it from couldn't get it to work. When it did work it was infested with viruses and worms. You can have it.

    I talked to a clerk in the mall this afternoon. I bought an HTC cell phone from him a week ago cuz iPhones aren't available where I live and he said it was "just like an iPhone." hahaha What a laugh. I run Windows Vista on my Mac and because the phone runs Windows, I had to use Vista to sync my phone. What a pain in the ass. The clerk says to me "I hate Macs," as if that has something to do with why Windows Vista doesn't want to recognize a Windows phone!!

    I think Windows users just get used to doing things the hard way. They like it. Like a guy who thinks he's smarter because he uses big words no one else understands. It's okay.

    My wife uses a Windows computer at work (has been a Windows user for 20 years) and uses a Mac at home. She said they're just different, but she loves her Mac.

  32. dd Says:

    So you're saying that Mac can build a computer CHEAPER and BETTER than a custom? They are not the walmart of computers or anything, unless I missed something. If I build it myself it will be better than anything I can find on the market, unless I want to spend thousands for something overpriced. For them to say their computers are better than one I built with my own hands is offensive. For that I will never respect the company.

  33. jackies35 Says:

    Great article! Funny and outrageous! I had a PowerMacintosh 405, the iCube, the Macbook, and now, the iMac 27"!
    I just can't get enough... I had 2 ipods, 2 iphones, and now, I am waiting on the iSlate (a new tablet)!

    Should I put stickers and icons on my car? Hahahahah... Maybe around Halloween! hahahaha (I don't celebrate halloween, though)... forget!

    Apple computer is expensive. It does what many or most of the users expect and then a little bit more....
    I know many people who build their XP PC machine and still us it.

    If you know a machine or operating system is going to do what you want it to do, BUY IT! MAKE IT! or USE IT!
    It's totally up to the user. I use a XP PC at work all day. Everyone in the office, except the advertising department, is using it.
    When I get home, its an Apple iMac most of my friends, co-workers, and family run to! We are so lazy in trying to figure out every crash, troubleshoot issue, and virus (spam robot) that hit our old Windows XP PC. I am not talking about Vista, yet.

    However, this is a great article. I know that the IT department at my job, have filter and caught every virus or trojan out there...
    We don't have that luxury at home on our Windows XP PC.

    Again, any computer that I use, worked and did what I wanted it to do. Just that my mac experience allowed me to go to the next level and then some!

  34. CJ Says:

    What a bunch of typical nonsense from both sides. Why is it that Mac people want to hold up "aesthetic design" as a primary argument for superiority? I don't know about anyone else, but I am defined by what I use a system for, not the system itself. In this regard both Apple and Windows fail miserably, as both run with the mistaken notion that the OS is the most important part of the end-user experience, not the software the user runs. When did anyone get excited to sit down and play with the newest version of the internal data management functions?

    Second, do any of you Mac fans actually know much about what you are discussing technically? You spout that the Mac is more secure, but the only reasons I keep seeing pop up are "Well, you have to input your password". Yeah, and these days you have to do that on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and any other operating system. Some think they are really special and say "well, it's UNIX-based", without understanding the development from 4.3BSD to the Mach kernel, to NextStep, to the current incarnations of the OS now. Yes, it is UNIX-Derived, but if that is all you are concerned with, why spend the money for a Mac? The better Linux distros "just work" also (though technically they are UNIX clones), and generally have quite a bit more variety of end-user software.

    Now, don't let me limit myself to just knocking Apple nuts here....as someone who ran Windows until just a few years ago, there is no way I am willing to claim it is by any means a secure or even logical OS. The only real points MS has going for it is market share and hardware compatibility. It is still the defacto system for gaming, though this has nothing to do with quality. HOWEVER, let me point out that I ran one production system with XP for four years straight (including occasional web surfing), and never once got a virus and only rebooted every three months when I'd pull it to dust out the inside and check the cabling. Of course, I don't expect the casual end-user to as savvy about that, but Windows can be near rock-solid, if you are willing to take enough steps to secure it. It's a pain to do though 🙁

    Then we have Linux fanboys....many Linux users use it because they are more technically inclined and it offers more freedom in customizing your OS. However, a fair number of them also develop the same kind of obsessed fanboy superiority complex that Apple users get. On the whole, Linux (especially the Ubuntus, SUSE, Debian, etc) ARE excellent systems, and these days most things do work right out of the box. The old reputation about Linux being for computer geeks still holds in some cases though, as anyone who has ever run up against a serious problem for the very first time can tell you. If you are used to Windows or Mac, jumping in and editing configuration files or using the command-line can be too much for a novice user. This is both Linux's biggest selling point (to techie types) and biggest turn-off (for casual users).

    Now that I've trashed all the other mainstream OS's, you have to be wondering what I am running? For ME, FreeBSD is the only way to go. It is virtually unrivaled in security and stability (documented!), not to mention the ability to customize. Don't get me wrong, it isn't an OS for the casual user. There is a lot of power, but with that power comes the need for knowledge. If you just want to turn the system on and watch Youtube videos, it ain't the OS for you (don't get me started on Flash player problems!). If you want real control over every aspect of your computing experience, though, it is one of the strongest choices.

    A great example: I just bought an old PIII, 256 meg laptop for $30. Not only does it boot almost as fast as modern desktop computers, I can do things I could never imagine with a Mac or Windows, such as having three custom kernels I can load at boot time...one for max speed (gotta play Doom once in a while lol), one for standard computing, and one that is slower but has a much larger amount of hardware compatibility. The smallest kernel is about 35 megs and boots in about 10 seconds (not counting X and gnome-lite, which add another 20-30 seconds or so). Now, before I start sounding uber-geek here, let me mention that in FreeBSD, all that is involved in doing something like this is commenting or uncommenting lines of a text document and a few, simple-to-remember commands (like "make buildkernel", "make installkernel"). It's also very scalable, I run it on my quad-core desktop for animation and visual effects work, and just virtualize XP for the few programs I need to get into once in a while.

    Anyway, what it really boils down to is this: what do YOU want? If you want gaming and software compatibility, go Windows. If you want pretty icons and interface with less malware/trojan problems, go Mac. If you are a tinkerer or hardcore computer tech, go Linux or FreeBSD (I'm staying far away from the debate between the two though).

    It's all about choices, and to be honest, no one can make your choice for you. There is no right answer here. I swear by FreeBSD personally, but there are few people I would recommend it to for casual use. I will say this: if you are buying a computer because you think you are making a statement of some kind, you are a fool. This is why I end up butting heads with Apple users more than anyone else (though the Linux fans come in a close second). Get a system because it provides what you need on terms you are comfortable with, not because you want to feel "cooler" than someone else.

  35. Anon Says:

    The only thing OSX is good for is fancy graphics. Which can also be had in every other operating system out there.

    Not to mention that OSX is proprietary and is only intended for "Mac comp00ters".

  36. linuxuser010101 Says:

    Seems very few of you know the difference between hardware and software. Mac has the absolute worst hardware (same as PC for the most part but Apple only use a pretty cover and cheap parts) that statistically has more problems then most personal computers (PC), tablets, mp3,4,5,6,7 and mp8 players or mobile telephone manufactures. When you are all arguing about which is better you are arguing about the OS (operating system) and well actually Microsoft is much better then MAc OS X and I hate Microsoft.

    Mac OS X is a failed Linux kernel project that was abandoned, Steve Jobs saw he could get it for free and based the next Mac OS on it, Mac users say it doesn't crash well, yeah it does be reasonable it freeze up and does silly stuff from time to time including CRASHING. "PC" is not a brand so comparing Mac to PC is silly there are 10,000 manufactures of PS's, tablets and mobile phones in the world, I personally build my own PC's to Dell Alienware specs and I use a Dell Alienware laptop which is far superior hardware to any Mac.

    As for my desktop operating system I run Linux Mint 13 Maya soon to update to Linux Mint 14 Nadia, I can run anything faster and better than Microsoft or Mac including software designed for Mac and Microsoft, I can also read every format of everything made.

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