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How Geeks Find Love


Listen to the rumors and you might believe that geeks are pale, spotty, have the social skills of Klingons and less chance of finding a mate than a panda bear with an attitude problem. But we all know that’s not true.

In fact, geeks are sexier than Madonna in her prime, more desirable than a Macbook Air, cooler than a polar bear in shades, and know exactly what to do when it comes to partnering up and finding love.

Heck, they invented the Internet — of course, they know how to virtually land a date.

Online dating used to be a little embarrassing. It was the sort of thing you only admitted doing after you’d ‘fessed up to cross-dressing and were caught searching in the darker regions of the Internet. These days though, with millions of people uploading their photos to dating sites and plenty of marriages starting with an email rather than a corny chat-up line, online dating has become as standard a way of finding a partner as asking your best friend if his new squeeze has a sister.

And for geeks, the choices are endless.

I Really, Really Like You…


One of the most interesting is iminlikewithyou.com. The address might be longer than an HBO mini-series but it’s also just as packed with creative little scenes.

Its tag line is “play games. meet people. hang out,” and along with slick animation, the site tries to create platforms on which users can interact. That might be something as simple as pasting comments onto the pictures in the news stories (it’s entertainment news, so you might want to skip that) to playing multiplayer Tetris.

The site does feel a little young but it’s more hi tech than most relationship sites and it should make sparking up a friendship easier than sweating over a first email.

Let’s Not Go Out


Omnidate is a bit like iminlikewithyou but for an older — and perhaps slight more agoraphobic — crowd. A quick glance at the pictures reveals plenty of grey touches and not a few slightly lined faces. It’s aiming at people in their late thirties rather than the twentysomethings who want to leave sarcastic comments on pictures of Lindsay Lohan’s butt.

For people who are serious about not being single, that already makes it attractive but it’s the virtual dating bit that makes Omnidate different… and a lot more geek-friendly. Omnidate lets you place an avatar in an animated virtual environment where you can chat, joke and get to know each other without running the risk of wasting an entire evening with the worst date since… well, your last one.

Actually, it’s a bit like instant messaging but with something more interesting to look at than a line of text. Unfortunately, what you won’t be looking at is an animated version of the real person you’re chatting with. It will be someone they wish they looked like.

But then again, you won’t be sitting on a tropical island or watching the northern lights either.

Get your DNA Tested


Playing games and meeting in a virtual bar might be fun but it doesn’t really tell you whether you and a new friend are compatible for a lifetime of happy ever after.

Apparently, your DNA might be able to do that though.

ScientificMatch.com tries to combine just about every method of matching people known to science. You’ll start with a bit of psychology by prioritizing your values but go on to scrape the inside of your cheek with a cotton swab. ScientificMatch then checks your DNA and matches you, the site says, with someone who’ll find your body odor sexy, give you a more satisfying sex life, is less likely to cheat on you and serve up healthier children.

Whether those things are true is any scientist’s guess (and you have to wonder about lab workers who spent years studying biochemistry only to end up playing with single people’s cheek cells.) What is certain though is that you’ll be matched with someone with money.

ScientificMatch.com charges just under $2,000 for a lifetime membership. The envelope to return the cheek swabs is prepaid though.

Where Have All the Successful Geeks Gone?


But if money is important to you in a mate, then you might try MillionaireMatch.com. Sure, you’d have to skip past the corporate lawyers and all those equity traders are probably too busy now with Monster.com to return your messages, but this should be the place to go to find a geek who has already hit the big time.

After all, you do want to find someone who thinks like you, right?

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  1. Gregg Says:

    Hi, I just launched a new dating and social networking site for geeks. Check it out. http://www.geekplusone.com

  2. RealWoman4U Says:

    Great posting - you are right on! ... btw, you actually do get to see the picture of the real person while on omnidate.... they also have cool question games...

  3. Alex Says:

    Great! I also noticed some rich geeks on richsoulmate.com. It seems a geek runs that site.

  4. Don Brooks Says:

    There's tons of geeks on Geek 2 Geek (www.gk2gk.com) It's a full featured dating site for geeks and people who want to meet them.

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