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Market Research on StumbleUpon

If you are wondering if there is already a market for what you want to offer and in case there is, get to know more about it (price, quality, etc.) you can’t trust only on Search Engines, instead we suggest you use Stumbleupon as you will probably find what you want to find if it matches your interests. The good thing is that the site doesn’t need to be search engine optimized or high quality, if other users recommended it you will find it.

Pros of using Stumbleupon for Marketing Research:

  • Find websites you never saw when doing the same search on search engines: search engines sort the websites by relevancy (and they have to be optimized), so if you do a search for “web design firm” you will find a list of websites that just have got lots of links pointing to that page, this doesn’t mean they are quality websites. When using stumbleupon and using the search function, you will find webpages that users like (lots of value, this means that the website is either really high-quality or has something that people love) and that are relevant with what you were looking for.
  • Read what people think of a website: this can be seen on the reviews of webpages, this will help you learn what you should and shouldn’t do when creating the website for offering your product/services. You will also be able to check the user’s age, gender, etc. to see how they react to different things and find different patterns.
  • Find other people who are looking for the same thing you are: when you check the review’s page, you will see all the stumblers that reviewed a website and you can as well check all the reviews that users made. You may find out that another stumbler is reviewing all the businesses in the niche you want to target and that he might be working into it (possible business partner).
  • Find what you look for: if you use other tools to do the research, you might find websites that were designed and optimized to be found by using that tool, on Stumbleupon you won’t find Stumbleupon optimized pages as it is impossible. It will just list what is relevant and people like at the same time.
  • More Reality: using Stumbleupon would be like making a public poll to lots of people, you will get the real thought of people on the topic of your desire.

Cons of using Stumbleupon for Marketing Research:

  • Relevancy: you can eventually get some webpages that don’t fully match what you were looking for, this doesn’t happen much though.
  • Time: it takes more time than with search engines, just some more seconds, but if you do this 100 times a day you will notice the difference in time.
  • Toolbar Install: You need to install a toolbar and register, some people just hate installing them and others think they are all adware.
  • Incorrect Reviews: some reviews might be wrong or might be spam.

Which buttons you will be using?

To do the market research we will only be using some buttons:

  • Stumble: the button on the left, after clicking it you get shown a new page. We will use it to browse new websites after we have checked one and what people think of it.
  • Reviews of this page: this will show you what people think of this website on Stumbleupon and if you like the review of the user you can even see more sites he reviewed.
  • Channels: this will let you change between websites, images, videos. The most important we will be using here is the search function.

So, what’s next?

You don’t need to know anything else to do market research using Stumbleupon, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the search button (channel), and type the main keywords for what you want to research, for example I will type “web design firm”. The first website I got was a company providing web design services (just what I was looking for), there I was able to check all the company info including how much they charge per design and what it would include.
  2. With the same website open I then clicked “Reviews of this webpage” button, this showed me what people thought of this company, some of the reviews I found useful where: “great price/quality” and “their web design speaks for them”. This made me learn to things I definitely needed for my web design company.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you don’t find any more websites of the topic you are looking for. Making the search “web design firm” in Stumbleupon showed me at least 15 new web design firms I had never seen before when doing the same search on search engines. You can as well, combine this with search engines: just make a search for “web design firm” on Google and then check if it was submitted to stumbleupon and if someone has reviewed it.

Extra research

As I said previously, what you can do to make a better research on the market is check the user’s profiles that reviewed websites inside your niche to see their age, their likes and dislikes and try to find a pattern that applys to all of them. This will help you a lot when creating your website to offer your product/services as you will know much better who you have to target.

That’s all what you need to know! It wasn’t hard, was it?

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  1. Edward Mendoza Says:

    Very insightful post, I just downloaded the tool bar and I have already found some great videos with it by targeted searching, very cool app for marketing and research, and it's fun!

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