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Pimped out IPODS


There’s a problem with owning stylish gadgets… everyone wants one. With Apple selling iPods of every kind by the truckload, that iconic white front and silver back can now be seen everywhere from high school playgrounds to the highlands of Tibet.

Some Apple fans then have taken a brave step. They’ve customized their covers to create a whole new look that makes their music player stand out from the crowd. This is what they’ve done and what others are offering to do for them too.

Xexoo’s Golden iPods


For the music lover who has everything but taste, Xexoo will replace your iPod cover with 18 carat gold and even embed 700 small diamonds into the front. If you’re not into diamonds, you can just go for the gold or ask for a customized version, perhaps with rubies, sapphires and a hint of polonium if you’ve got the contacts.

Oddly, most of the examples show pimped Shuffles. Did they think their customers couldn’t afford the 60GB versions?

Xexoo’s site doesn’t quote the price of their pimping, but if you have to ask….

DIY Goldplating
Of course, if you want to save cash but still look like you have more money than a rap star and slightly less sense, you could just do the pimping yourself.

This iBling was created by Daz and submitted to Pimpyaplayer.com, a tongue-in-cheek site that explains how to destroy Jonathan Ive’s fine work. The picture’s are pitifully small but the text will make you laugh.

Scott Lawrence’s iPod Arcade


Scott Lawrence seems to spend an awful lot of time breaking into all sorts of gadgets to make them do clever things that they were never designed to do. One of those is installing Linux onto his iPod, then running MAME, which emulates arcade games like Pacman.

And just to make the point, he then built a little arcade cabinet to fit it in.

The Bulletproof iPod


After a Japanese iPod owner saw his machine crushed on the Japanese metro, he took precautions with his next model… and armor-plated it. This version weighs in at 446 grams and comes with a 5mm aluminum A5052 shell that could apparently stop a 0.22 bullet.

Useful if people really don’t like the bass leaking from your earphones.

Gelaskins Give Designer Wrapping


Making an armor-plated iPod is hard work. It’s much easier to buy a print from Gelaskins. They offer a wide and very impressive range of vinyl prints designed to stick to your iPod. The prints available range from fifties comic book art to Escher sketches and Impressionist paintings.

They’re all very cool and you can even buy a matching cover for your phone or laptop.

Etch Your Sketch


Gelaskin lets you peel and stick to pimp your iPod. Etchstar takes a more permanent approach. They treat the iPod’s silver back as a palette for their etchings. You can choose from their range of designs or upload your own. (Artists can even contribute their own sketches and get a — pretty mean — 10 percent royalty whenever their designs are chosen).

Not surprisingly, considering the way they’re made, the designs look very tattoo-y, but they can still be a lot of fun and include topics ranging from film and television to colleges and cartoons.

Of course, you could always just buy your iPod from one of Apple’s stores and order an engraved message. Just be sure not to choose any of the messages that Apple doesn’t like

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