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The 7 Weirdest Facebook Groups

What is it about Facebook that brings out the crazy in people? If they’re not leaving strange videos on Fun Walls, adding apps that would barely thrill a three-year old or making friends with people they’ll never meet and never want to meet just to make sure they don’t look like the schoolyard nerd no one loved, they’re creating and joining groups with the weirdest names.

Here are seven of the strangest groups we found on Facebook:

Physics Doesn’t Exist, It’s All Gnomes
Photography: B_Tal
This group is worth seeing just to read the (long) intro page. According to the group’s 23,347 members

“all the main physics principles can be explained away by the existence of tiny gnomes.”

So heat is gnomes rubbing each other; kettles boil when gnomes fart in the water; and computers are tiny gnomes who sit at desks inside your machine. But you knew that last one didn’t you?

Join the gnome fun here.

Kids Who Hid in Dep’t Store Clothing Racks while their Mom Was Shopping
Clothes… quick, hide!

The fact that with 157,114 members this is the one of the most popular groups on Facebook tells us two things: that hiding in clothes racks is a popular activity for children; and that people on Facebook will join anything.

It also tells us that spammers will strike anywhere too. The admin had to shut down the group’s Wall because she got fed up deleting links to porn sites and because “the t-shirts being posted really had nothing to do with the group.”

She’s right, of course. T-shirts make rotten hiding places. Hide yourself here.

I Yell At Inanimate Objects
Sometimes, they yell back. Photography: what what

With just 12,274 members, you can’t help but feel this group hasn’t reached its potential. Just about every Windows user must have experienced that Nirvana moment that comes from yelling at the pop-up informing them that the program “has encountered a serious problem” and inviting them to become an unpaid member of Microsoft’s QA team.

Discussion topics in this group include the most satisfying noise to make when yelling and the strangest object members have yelled at (entries include a matador statue and cheese.)

Give this group a shout here.

If You Don’t Start Walking Faster, I Am Going To Hit You With My Backpack
Facebook started as a site for college students… and sometimes it looks like it stayed that way. This group, with just over 3,600 members, lets students who get stuck behind slow walkers rant against snail-like classmates, moving texters and other people who get in their way. It also lets them threaten slowpokes with a backpack beating.

Fortunately, the site does have advice that people can use to speed up their stroll. These include staying on the side of the sidewalk, learning to talk and walk at the same time and not blinding people with umbrellas as they pass. Or, as the organizers put it:

“The next time that happens, I swear to God I’ll put on my ski mask, hit you with my backpack, and put that umbrella where no umbrella should rightfully go.”

People who aren’t students though can skip the backpack and the brollies and head straight to the violence by joining I Secretly Want To Punch Slow Walking People In The Back Of The Head. With 701,887 members, you’ll have much more company.

You can join this group here but be quick.

Shoe Phone Appreciation Society
Who needs an iPhone when your shoe can do just as much and doesn’t make you break your contract with your current service provider? Okay, it can’t do just as much, but unlike the Jesus phone, the shoe phone does keep your foot warm, doesn’t need charging and it comes with a spare. Reception isn’t great but according to the group’s blurb, it looks just good enough to prevent the user having to talk to people they meet in the street:

“grab your shoephone and you can pretend to be deep in conversation, thus avoiding the pleasant small talk of someone you can’t stand!”

Give this group a call here.


I Think Patterns On Scantrons Are Suspicious
A group that’s really for teaching assistants and the students who feed them. It has a few neat pics of scantron patterns that turned up after tests (although it could certainly do with more), including one odd example of someone who only chose C… and scored 0/100. It was true/false test. It takes real talent to draw a complete blank with 50/50 answers.


Interestingly, patterns on scantrons might actually be a good thing. One discussion post recounted this frightening story:

“i had a teacher that would actually make pictures out of the answers, so you could always see if you had it correct by making sure that it looked like a picture, i dont think she realized that we all knew this hahaha”

Just who’s training these teachers?

Check out the exam patterns here.

We Look So Sexy In Our Labcoats, We Need Safety Goggles… For Protection.
So sexy…

Part of the appeal of Facebook is the opportunity for like-minded people to find each other… and leave little messages. It’s unlikely that people who think lab coats are sexy would meet any other way — especially people who record the growth of the group by declaring when it’s reached the Z number of Fermium. And yet 7,852 agree that lab coats are as stylish as capes and make their wearers look like academics. Right down to the ink stain on the pocket.

People who think it’s the science not the white coat that gets the heart racing can join any number of other groups from We’re scientists AND we’re sexy to SeXy BiOmEdIcAl ScIeNtIsTs.

But if you want to join this one, pull on your lab outfit and click here.

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  1. Daily Common Sense Says:

    I love it, especially the gnome one! 😉


  2. Aurora Says:

    lol...I'm in the one with the kids hiding in clothes racks while there mom's shop!

  3. Chemm Says:

    Lol, I liked the last one the best.

  4. Kikolani | Poetry, Photography, Blogging Tips Says:

    I used to love hiding in clothes racks when I was little. Shopping was so boring otherwise. 🙂

    ~ Kristi

  5. MikeC Says:

    I joined this group the other day:

    I Dont care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like A Dumbass.

  6. Brittany Says:

    Ah, I love Facebook groups. Most are just a funny little gathering to appreciate the weird, small things in life. I'm actually a part of the clothing rack one!

    The scantron one is funny. I get suspicious all the time!

  7. Borellus Says:

    Great post, I love the lab coat one.

  8. Seth Says:

    Go Look at the Crow!

  9. SoyLicious Candles Says:

    This is too funny! There is so much stuff and weird stuff on facebook period.

  10. Ricky Says:

    A new one that requires honesty to join:

  11. Peter Says:

    this is definitely one of the weirdest groups i've ever seen


  12. Vince Burns Says:

    I loved the lab coat group the best. I kind of wish I had to waer one.

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