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The Best Twitter Tweets Ever

Twitter, as you probably already know has taken the Internet in a frenzied storm. Everywhere you look, bloggers advocate Twitter and how cool this micro blogging tool really is.

I must confess that they are all right. But if you are anything like me, you probably get addicted to the Tweets and therefore never get anything else done.

But what type of tweets do people send each other anyway?

In short, those can be anything you like. The idea behind Twitter is to find out what you are doing right now and publish that to the world. While we don’t really want to know your most intimate information, many Twitter users use this medium to lighten up their day and stay in touch with their online friends, family and business partners.

For the best tweets ever, check out the following list:

1. Will You Marry Me

A Marriage Proposal In True Twitter Style.

Thinking of proposing through Twitter for the world to see? Why not. Do as Sean Bonner did and have the world celebrate with you. Of  course she will have to say YES first.

2. The Power of Twitter

See The Power Of The Twitter Community In True Style.

Amazing how one distress call can help you out of a tight spot so fast with the help of the Twitter community. See how one guy was able to solve his urgent problem within the hour! Now THAT is called immediate solution provision with a little help from your online friends.

3. Arrested Development

No, It’s NOT What You Think!

Imagine being stuck in a foreign country jail with only a computer at hand. Here is an idea for you if that should ever eventuate.

4. Pay Per Tweet


This is one of the occasions when Problogger Darren Rowse played a joke on the whole Twitter community. It happened – you guessed right – on April Fools Day.

5. Don’t Tweet When You Are Drunk

Celebrity Shamble

Imagine you are in the spotlight of the Internet and thousands of people worldwide know who you are. Now take this one step further and get horribly drunk, then go and tweet to the world how to ban this one guy you can’t stand or are jealous off. All I can say is oops!

6. Bitch Slapping

Be Warned!

Calling people names when the world is watching is perhaps not such a smart idea. Especially if your name is Evan Williams and you are the founder of Twitter!

7. Lights Off!

Fancy Controlling Your Home Lights With Twitter.

Smart people are inventive and Twitter user Justin Wickett has taken invention to a new level by allowing Twitter to switch on or off his lights at home. See how it is done…

8. Tweets in eBook Form

What A Cool Idea.

Now here is a way to take your past tweets to a new dimension – by creating a long lasting and a good looking comic eBook like the one featured here.

9. You’re Fired!

Or Are You?

Reading this tweet makes you wonder why people have to do their fighting in the public eye. Just remember, don’t sack your staff through Twitter, it might have complications.

10. Be Aware Of Your Date!

First Date Madness.

Imagine you go on your first ever date and then get asked to do a threesome with the guys wife?! Eek, whatever next. On the “badfirstdate” tweets you see the unbelievable come true.

As you can see, all these tweets amuse, shock, or anger us in some ways or another. It is interesting to see that Twitter followers throw all caution into the wind when they present themselves to the world and act like they were on Big Brother. Perhaps Twitter is a reality show of its own anyway.

What do you think? Do you tweet?

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  1. Erin Says:

    I tweet. I think there are so many ways to utilize Twitter and hopefully this will be a place where people can get a pulse of global conversations. It is a great place to share articles and posts. I follow some "greenies" and always come across at least one great article/product/idea a day.

  2. Jhangora Says:

    Cool 🙂

    I was unimpressed with Twitter initially. After having spent a few weeks on it I realise it has the potential to replace Facebook as the biggest social networking site.

    I really like the clutter free design of ur blog. I want to promote ur Twitter Ebook on my blog. Cud u provide me HTML button for the ebook. Since I do not see the option to notify me of followup comments it wud be great if u cud email me the code ... jhangora(at)gmail(dot)com ...

  3. Bravo Valenti Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how this idiosyncratic, quirky and seemingly unnecessary service- I am referring to Twitter, of course- has become an important news medium, guerrilla messaging service, publicity and PR machine, customer service tool and more!

    And so, I composed the following short Ode to Twitter, to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” And yes, I know it’s more than 140 characters.

    Twitter, Twitter little star

    How we wondered what you are

    At first not sure what you could do

    Now we even write twaiku

    Look at all the joy you bring

    Just in time for Arab Spring

    Now from right to left, you, too

    Can tweet in Arabic or Hebrew

    I hope one day that I may tweet

    “At last there’s peace in the Middle East!”

    (c) 2012 Bravo Valenti All Rights Reserved

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