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Top 7 Web Applications for Sending Large Files

If you’ve ever had to send a large file to someone, you know the hardships that arise. Email services keep strict limits on attachment sizes. What’s more is that it’s often hard to send more than one attachment at a time. This kind of disservice has made email quite unpopular for sharing files- and thus, we have entered the age of hybrid email. The premise is simple: cut out the bulk, and just give us an easy way to send files over the internet!


Yousendit.com might not have been the first, but it is certainly one of the best. It certainly does host a plethora of options as well- offering password delivery, return receipts, tracked delivery, and quite a bit more. The main selling point here is that file sizes can range up to a hefty 2 GB- although you will have to pay for some plans. But don’t worry- the basic free plan still allows for 100 MB uploads and plenty of features.


FileFactory.com is interesting- it sports a Facebook application, a desktop client, and many image editing features. You must register to take advantage of most of these features, but it seems like a small price to pay for the extra options. Like Yousendit.com, they have limits on free accounts- but they are still quite functional nonetheless.


Dropsend.com is a prime example of commercialization. The interface is sleek, the features are endless, but there’s a catch: the free version is quite limited. To actually get much functionality out of this service, you’ll more than likely be giving up a section of your wallet in exchange. Even with their most expensive plans, DropSend seems to limit things too much. The $99 plan, for instance, only enables a user to download a certain file 7 times in total. Pass.


SendSpace.com mimics Yousendit.com it many ways: it’s easy, fast, and quite durable. They also offer paid services like Yousendit.com, and they are fairly cheap. In fact, the $7 plan from SendSpace.com offers much more convenience than the $99 counterpart from DropSend.com. The free version isn’t too limited- it’ll let uses send a 300 MB file without any difficulty. It doesn’t have the features FileFactory.com does, but then again, who needs glitter and text effects?


Storeandserve.com is another no-frills file upload service. What we liked best was that as long as the file is downloaded once per month, the file will stay on their servers forever. It isn’t as convenient as other alternatives, since most others allow you to send and upload the file all in one form. With Storeandserve.com, you must upload and then send it. Could’ve been more redundant, but still a good service to keep in mind.


zUpload.com is a barebones file sending service: and we couldn’t be happier. It has a 500 MB file upload limit and has support for unlimited downloads. It is a nice service to get in and out- easy to load, easy to send, easy to get what you need done. In that respect it is a lot like Yousendit.com, only it is completely free.


Mailbigfile.com is a lot like zUpload.com, only it is a little more accustomed to web 2.0 principles. It’s a very pleasing looking design, but in the end, only does as much as zUpload. zUpload actually has a larger file size limit, so technically it is the better choice. The pro version is around $20 a year, which isn’t bad, but then again: it’s not free. The free version has a 100 MB limit, which is still ok for typical usage.

Which Service to Use
So which service should you use? If you’re looking for features piled on thick, go straight for FileFactory.com. If you are looking for a popular, easy to use solution, check out Yousendit.com or zUpload.com. As for the other services, they seem to be lacking in one department or another as far as free versions go, and we don’t necessarily recommend them.

In the end, it’s a matter of choice. But as you’ll soon see, the giants such as Yousendit.com and FileFactory.com are popular for a reason- and are well worth a try.

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  1. greeeni Says:

    guys guys! what about http://www.pipebytes.com or even zshare or divshare?

  2. nifty Says:

    Great overview of some of the file sending services out there. I'm a particular fan of yousendit. I used to never worry about the 100 megs for the free account, but the newer digital cameras will encroach on that limit before you know it!

  3. Robyn Says:

    First, thanks for talking about YouSendIt! Have you checked out Express, the free YouSendIt desktop application? It’s super convenient and will provide up to 25% faster uploads. With the PC version you can even drag and drop multiple files or folders as large as 2GB each. (The folders just zip right up and send!- and the MAC version will have this feature soon!) http://www.yousendit.com/cms/applications

    You'll also see we've got plug-ins for Photoshop and Outlook as well. Just YouSendIt without opening your browser or leaving your application.

    Thanks for spreading the news! … Pass this promo code along to your readers for 1 free month of our Business Plus plan: RHORBP15.

    Simply create a free account, then go to “my account”/”account details” and enter this code. Accounts will be upgraded for 30 days, then revert back to the free version when it expires. No credit card info is collected. It’s just our way of saying “thanks” for talking us up and trying us out. And, we're always open to feedback from frequent users. So drop us a line and let us know what features you'd like to see, or what things just aren't working for you!
    Robyn- Marketing Communications, YouSendIt

  4. Yvonne Thompson Says:

    Great article! Very useful. I use YouSendIt, but it was nice to have to comparisons of the other services. Will check those out also.

  5. Manish M. Shah Says:

    An option is File Apartment (http://www.fileapartment.com):

    - Up to 1 GB
    - Easy to use
    - Free, Safe and secure
    - No software to download or registration required
    - Fast

  6. Jacob R Says:

    When i have to send Large files Sendeazy is at my resque. Great Product. Takes less time.
    No more bounced emails, splitting and assembling files, complicated FTP programs, mailing CD or DVD or driving around to deliver a CD or DVD. With it's easy user interface, it can be used by anyone who is not so tech savvy. There are multiple ways to send large files like Drag and drop send, right click and send to, or simply browse and select files or folders. What kind of files, you may ask - Any kind infact. They may be pictures, video, audio, engineering drawings, Architectural designs, project reports, pdf, word processing documents, QuickBooks and Act databases, proofs for marketing, printing, labels and the list goes on.

  7. Bram Berkhout Says:

    Time for a 2011 update?


  8. Will Pearce Says:

    There is another site out there to consider, and it would be helpful to review it:


  9. Kevin Says:

    You guys should include ShareFile (http://www.sharefile.com). It's built for businesses, so it has many of the security and tracking features that professionals require, along with outlook integration and mobile apps to access your files on the go.

  10. Joe Says:

    Yousendit is much more commercial than dropsend. Dropsend lets you send 2GB files for free. The only limitations on the free account that I have noticed are: you can only use it 5 times per month, files for download expire in a week, and you can't upload files bigger than 2GB. I find this perfect for a person who only has to send large files once in a while.

    Yousendit on the other hand is basically useless unless you pay them or you want to send something under 100MB (so forget videos, for instance). You have to do a sneaky "trial offer" if you want to access anything useful about it, then if you forget to cancel your trial offer in time next thing you know your credit card is getting charged, even if you've forgotten all about the account and only used it that one time.

    I also like Dropbox for sharing files with someone you share files with frequently. There are no limitations on how many times you can use it, the uploading is much faster, and you can send stuff bigger than 2GB. I'm not sure what the limit is because so far I've never hit it. The other person just has to have a Dropbox account and a shared folder with you.

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