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99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter

Last year, we released our twitter ebook as an introduction to using Twitter.  We could not have anticipated that our ebook would become one of the most downloaded Twitter ebooks or that Fortune 500 companies would be contacting us to include the ebook in their corporate intranets.  But what we DID anticipate is that Twitter would be a strong and viable business and marketing tool.  And so we assigned our entire writing and research staff to work towards releasing a Twitter business book. The result is 99 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter is now available on Amazon.

All the Most Effective Twitter Money-Making Strategies in One Place

The challenge in writing and researching a Twitter business book is to look at all the strategies, methods, and ways of making money on Twitter, and to bring them together into a book that is current, yet filled with case studies that will not go out of date. The methods range from one extreme to the other. We found authors who were selling their books with Twitter, and writers who were publishing their books on Twitter. We came across plenty of large firms using Twitter to improve their customer service, and one Twitter entrepreneur who was making almost $1500 a month helping CSS programmers in his spare time on Twitter. We found a bunch of different ways of inserting ads into a Twitter page – some more obtrusive than others – and users who were offering Twitter-based translation services, job listings, garage sales, retail outlets, giveaways, affiliate links, contests, directories, craft products and a whole bunch more.

Some of these methods were making money directly through sales, commissions, payments for services and more. Others acted as a branding tool, community builder or viral marketing channel that spread a company’s name and image further – and cheaper — than it could have done otherwise.

Perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised to find that people were experimenting with Twitter in such creative ways and in so many different ways. But we wanted to be certain that these methods worked. It’s easy enough to come up with an idea. But implementing that idea and making sure that it’s as good in practice as it seemed in theory is a whole other ball game. As we researched each method then, we looked closely at how people were implementing it and tried to see what sort of results they were having. When we described that strategy in the book, we made sure that the chapter included at least one case study that would allow readers to see the method’s effectiveness for themselves — and copy it easily.

That ease of implementation was a guiding principle, and it governed the structure of the book. Twitter has turned out to be an incredibly flexible marketing tool, one that’s vital to companies the size of Comcast as much as to individual sellers looking to increase their website views or move a few more handmade items. What all of these users have in common though is that none of them wants to waste time trying to figure out how to make a method work, let alone decide whether it’s going to work at all.

From How It’s Done to Where to Begin


In each chapter then, we included an introduction that summarized the strategy we were about to describe. We added a short key that would function as a guide to the method’s difficulty, skill level and revenue potential. We then explained how twitterers were using the method, how anyone can do the same thing, pointed out where to begin, and added some advanced tips to ensure that anyone who used the method could skip from beginner to advanced user — and secure earner — right away. And finally, we made sure that we included a reference to a case study so that readers could look at the example in action for themselves.

Clearly not all of these methods are going to be suitable for every user of twitterer, just as not everyone is going to make money with a blog about gardening or an ebook about collecting porcelain dolls. That’s why it’s so important for people who are serious about using Twitter — and serious about making money online — to understand the breadth of the opportunities available. If you aren’t aware of just what Twitter can do — and what people are doing on the site — then you won’t be able to choose the methods that best suit you.

Among the Twitter documents stolen from the cloud by a French hacker and published recently by Techcrunch was a note with the question “Are we the new Internet?” That’s unlikely. Twitter is just one service which uses the Internet, but it does share the Internet’s flexibility and its earning potential too. Entrepreneurs, businesses, managers and everyone, in fact, needs to understand the range of the opportunity that Twitter offers so that they too can make the most of it – just as they need to understand the Internet if they want to stay in business.

Twitter now is where the Web was in the early years of this decade. The buzz has peaked and the first round of excitement is dying down. Now that the party is over, people are getting to work — and yes, they are starting to make money. In 99 Ways to Make Money Using Twitter, we attempt to reveal the most effective ways that users are making that money, and make it easy for others to do the same thing. You can pick up your copy of 99 Ways to Make Money Using Twitter exclusively at Amazon.


  1. Carmen Blacklock Says:

    I read your e-book and I thought it was simple and easy to read. The advice was straight forward and concise. I had no idea that there were so many support websites for Twitter. I barely just even heard about Twitter!!!!! Thank you.

  2. ken Says:

    Any idea how we can buy this book in the UK? Amazon UK does not stock it.Is there an ebook version we can buy? Many thanks in advance.

  3. Geekpreneur Says:

    Right now, it's only available from amazon.com. Stay tuned for other buying options. It's also available as a kindle ebook

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