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Viral Blogging

With the rise of blogging, fame and opportunity is just around the corner. For this reason everyone (writers, designers, coders, businesses) seem to have a blog running on the web taunting what they have to offer. Some offer valuable advice while others simply make use of a blog to promote their services. Whatever it is that you are trying to do with your blog, making your blog viral is a sure fire way to be recognized and gain success.

Viral Blogging unlike traditional viruses we avoid actually helps you get the word out. If you can make your blog go viral, marketing isn’t even something that you will have to work for. With viral blogging, the promotional aspect of maintaining a blog is taken care of by itself. However, creating a blog that spreads like a virus is no easy work. As anything else this requires time and patience but once achieved this virus will help you climb the success ladder in no time. Let’s analyze some ways we can tap into viral blogging.

I am 100% sure that if you follow what is below this line, you will certainly start seeing your blog go viral. The key to all this is as always valuable content.

The Hidden Gem
Incoming links are a blogger’s best friend but outgoing links are the true gem that have yet to find it’s importance. Most bloggers ignore the fact that linking out can be one of the most effective ways to make your blog or content go viral. Linking out will put you in the spotlight with other bloggers as they recognize you as somebody who appreciates what they do and write. Remember the unwritten rule – when you give a little, you get a lot more back.

Options Are Always Better
“Email a friend“ link. I have yet to see this option gain recognition and popularity among bloggers. Everyone loves options. If we are doing something on the web and a website asks us : What do you want to do next? It becomes our call, we stay in charge. Adding an “ email a friend link “ allows your readers to share your content with their friends. This especially helps you to promote your blog with non blog readers if one of your readers emails your content to someone who is unknown of the blog phenomenon. If this non blog reader finds your content worth his/her time, you will gain an active and loyal ambassador for your blog who will actively help you get the word out and spread the virus.

Take an Extra Step
If you are someone who updates their blog regularly, take a break and think of something that might be of even more value to your readers and the community that resides within your blog. If you write 4 posts a week, take a break this week and try compiling them all. Create an ultimate post or an ebook. If you are a designer, create a blog theme. It’s much simpler than you think.

The immediate benefit of this strategy is the link virus that spreads around the web is outstanding. Imagine you write an ebook and put your blog link at the bottom of each page or on the cover. If your ebook hits the home run ( valuable message is key ), imagine all the people reading your ebook are being exposed to your blog as well. And if they like your ebook so much, trust me they will check your blog out. The same rule applies with theme creation and such. Create something of utmost value and add your link and spread it like a peanut butter, thick and creamy.

Everybody Loves to Watch
Web today is swamped with videos. Some are there just because every body else has one and some really offer value to their audience. When talking about video, there is one that always comes to mind. Here is the link, check it out. This video has 300,000 plus views. Imagine the publicity and traffic this video must have driven to the creator’s site. It must have been a joy ride. As you can see from this video, it is simple yet very informative. Tap into the podcasting scene and create something valuable and informative. It won’t be too long before your video gets thousands and thousands views and your blog millions, literally!

Got To Read This One
Curiosity drives everything. Last week I was walking in the mall with my wife and I seen something that struck my eye. It wasn’t anything that I would have been interested in but the mere presentation of it made me stop, turn around and check the toy out ( yes it was a toy, a doll if you care to know ). What I am trying to convey is that a virus such as a blog can spread with curiosity. One definite way to create curiosity from your readers is to generate post titles that set their curiosity on fire. You have got to make them click to read and once you have mastered the art of title creation, your blog is bound to set on fire, well the blogging fire.

Marketing For Free Anyone?
Forget the traditional marketing. If you want your blog to go viral, social media is something you should definitely try your hands on. Of course the key to pleasing social media crowd is content. When it comes to blogging, content has always ruled the web and will forever. The immediate benefit of social media marketing is the troll of incoming links. If you can get a post on the front page of popular social media sites such as DIGG, reddit, propeller, etc. the number of incoming links can be hundreds depending on how beneficial your content is for the community within that site. The key is to be consistent so that the social media crowd sticks to your blog. Social Media can set the blogging virus to it’s full speed if you can tackle it effectively.

Copyright Rocks But So Does UnCopyright
Sometimes the best way to unleash the blogging virus is to give access to your content to others without asking anything back. Leo Babauta from Zen Habits is a prime example of this strategy. If you are someone who’s messages pack value for the readers, the best way to make your blog go viral is to make it free for all in every sense. Give your readers and vistors the right to your content. Let them copy and paste and change. Whatever they please, let them do it. What exactly is the benefit of letting go off the copyright? Your blog will transform into a viral blog, picked by many, used by many and re-visited by many day after day.


  1. Koka Sexton Says:

    Nice post. I recently wrote something that asked some questions your article gave some clarification to.

  2. Ritu Says:

    I am glad I was able to help in some ways. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment 🙂

  3. Nick Sowden Says:

    Great post. Very helpful. I'm planning on using all these strategies on the blog I just launched.


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